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經濟部分,瑞士蘇黎世為與美國的紐約、英國的倫敦、中國上海等世界金融重鎮齊名的重要城市,其銀行業更是享譽國際,在全球占有舉足輕重的地位。 繼續閱讀
  Zurich, Switzerland
by David Lu / translated by Lexie Fang
As to its economy, Zurich, Switzerland is a significant city with the same reputation as New York City in the United States, London in the United Kingdom, or Shanghai in China. Its banking industry is internationally renowned and maintains its pivotal position in the world. full article
2020 Q4 房產市場概要
六都近期公布12月份建物買賣移轉,合計約2.63萬棟,月增6.6%、年增17.5% 。繼續閱讀
2020 Q4 Property Market Overview
The six special municipalities in Taiwan recently announced that a total of around 26,300 buildings were transacted in December 2020, showing an increase of 6.6% from the previous month and 17.5% compared to 2019. full report
Thermalbad & Spa Zurich
當古樸的釀酒廠,搖身一變成為了浴場兼水療中心,在大木桶裡享受天然熱水浴便成為了蘇黎世居民最簡單不過的日常生活。留有歲月痕跡的磚石建物,加入了現代化設計的小巧思,新與舊的結合,創造出了不一樣的風情韻味。而抵達位在頂樓的無邊際露天溫泉池,更能一邊感受溫泉水的溫度,一邊飽覽城市美景,將天際線盡收眼底。 了解更多
  Thermalbad & Spa Zurich
When a quaint winery turned into a bath and spa, enjoying a natural hot bath in a large wooden barrel has become the simplest daily life for Zurich residents. The masonry buildings with the traces of time have added the characteristics of modern design, and the combination of the new and the old creates a different style and charm. Arriving at the infinite open-air hot spring pool on the top floor, you can enjoy the hot spring water, while admiring the panoramic view of the city and the skyline. more
於2016年開幕的國際足聯世界足球博物館,為足球迷來到蘇黎世必朝聖的殿堂。三層樓高的博物館共有三大展區,分別為「足球星球」、「 FIFA 世界盃走廊」和「足球場」,記錄著1930年第一屆世界盃至今的所有賽事精華,像是各年度賽事精彩影片片段、使用的足球、世界盃獎盃-大力神盃以及女子世界盃的獎座均能同時目睹。另外,更有多項環繞式視聽饗宴,讓造訪者彷彿蒞臨世界盃足球比賽現場,感受進球時最熱血沸騰的激昂。 了解更多
  FIFA World Football Museum
The FIFA World Football Museum, which opened in 2016, is a must visit destination for football fans to Zurich. The museum covers three floors and has three exhibition areas, namely "PLANET FOOTBALL", "THE FOUNDATIONS & THE FIFA WORLD CUP™ GALLERY" and "FIELDS OF PLAY", which record the essence of all the matches from the first World Cup in 1930 to the present, such as the annual video clips, the footballs have been used, and also the FIFA World Cup Trophy. In addition, there are many surround sound videos, making visitors feel as if they were at the World Cup football match and felt the most passionate excitement when the players score a goal. more
來到蘇黎世,若只想花個優閒的午後飽覽城市美景,那林登霍夫山絕對是第一選擇。林登霍夫為蘇黎世的起源地,漫步於山丘上,能感受陽光傾瀉而下,灑落在山丘上的溫暖,登上最高處,映入眼簾的則是這綠地中的秘境-林登霍夫公園。眺望遠方,波光淋漓的利馬特河,正閃爍著最耀眼的光芒,聖母大教堂和古建築的紅磚屋瓦,則矗立在眼前,這番美景,著實成為旅人對蘇黎世最深刻難忘的景象。 了解更多
If you want to spend a leisurely afternoon enjoying the beauty of Zurich, the Lindenhof, the birthplace of Zurich, is definitely your first choice. Walking on the hills, you can feel the sun pouring down and the warmth of the hills. Ascending to the mountaintop, you can find out the secret place in this green field, the Lindenhof Park. Looking down on the city view, the gleaming Limmat is shining the most dazzling light, while the Fraumünster and the red brick roof tiles of ancient buildings stand tall and upright in front of you. This beautiful scenery has become the most memorable sight for travelers in Zurich. more
李建國 James
The Garden Palace
Near the business centre and MRT station. Features sufficient lighting, well-proportioned layout and elegant decoration.
李昭明 Steven
Oasis Prime
Two households each floor. Uses the most advanced central ventilation system from Europe and maintains a constant temperature and humidity.
張國斌 Mike
仁愛林蔭寓邸 II
Renai Treetop Palace
Adjacent to the Renai Boulevard and Da’an Forest Park, enjoying a leisure lifestyle. Provides luxurious 80 ping or 88 ping units.
Andermatt Swiss Alps
安德馬特( Andermatt )曾為一幽靜的地區,目前正轉變為重要的滑雪場和及第二居住地。坐落於海拔1,400公尺高的寬闊山谷中,它擁有連接各大國家和國際航線的重要地理位置,若從米蘭出發,四個小時可以抵達,而從蘇黎世出發,則只需90分鐘。安德馬特( Andermatt )為全年均適宜前往的區域,它擁有各式公寓大樓、旅館、小木屋,以及雪橇滑道、冬夏季登山道、自行車道、攀岩區、及釣魚區域。其中 Chedi Andermatt 五星級豪華飯店將阿爾卑斯山的簡約與城市的精緻風情完美融合,而 Reuss River 所提供的物業則有一至五房的公寓、頂層公寓和豪華小木屋等,在未來幾年內更將擴展更多的公寓大樓和飯店。了解更多
  Andermatt Swiss Alps
Andermatt, once a small and serene place, is currently transforming into a major skiing and second-home destination. Nestled between mountains, the village of Andermatt lies in a broad valley, 1,400 meters above sea level. Its location has good connections to the main national and international routes. From Milan, the journey takes four hours, and from Zurich just 90 minutes. Andermatt has developed into a year-round destination, with apartment buildings, hotels, and chalets as well as a variety of toboggan runs, winter hiking trails, 500 km of summer hiking trails, cycle paths, climbing, and fishing opportunities. The Chedi Andermatt 5-star luxury hotel exudes special magic with its perfect combination of alpine simplicity and urban sophistication. The Reuss River properties on offer range from practical studios to spacious apartments and penthouses, through to luxury chalets, while expansion over the next few years will see the addition of more apartment buildings and hotels. more
線上雜誌閱讀 full article
跨當代與古代 古蹟寓所的文藝復興
位於巴塞隆納的加泰隆尼亞主義建築 Casa Burés,在當地設計工作室的巧手改造下,打造出符合當今美學與機能的寓所。 全文閱讀
  Luxury Modernist Apartments
Casa Burés, the Catalan architecture in Barcelona, has been transformed by a local design studio and become an apartment that meets the aesthetics and functions. full article
來自澳洲的 Greg Natale 擅長藉由大膽的色彩運用,展現強大的美學涵養,無論在室內空間設計或是工業產品上,皆被視為幾何色彩大師。 全文閱讀
  Greg Natale
Greg Natale from Australia is specialized in using bold colors to show strong aesthetics. Whether in interior space design or industrial products, he is regarded as a master of geometric color. full article
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